Privacy Policy

  1. Who we are is the online store of the company THOMAS BITSOPOULOS with the distinctive title THOMAS LOUKOUMIA (hereinafter business) based in Athens at 13 ISAVRON Street and a branch at XANTHIPPIS 6 Street and Athens 10445 and Contact Phone: +302103603759

Our website is:

  1. What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it?

During your visit to the online store and / or the pages of the Company you may be asked to state some of your personal information, eg your Name, Surname, Address of your home or business, telephone your email, etc., these are data that are used exclusively by our company in order to provide you with the best possible service, the improvement of the services we provide, your relevant information about our products and services as well as the quality assurance of these.

This information is kept solely by us, making every effort to ensure the safest collection, transfer and storage of your data, as we guarantee that your personal data will not be used by any third party, except for partner companies and only when this is done for your own service (eg Transport Companies, Courier, etc.), without your consent, with the basic exception provided by law and the relevant provisions of the State for its competent authorities only. makes use of the information you give us during the electronic sending of the form, in order to contact you regarding the delivery of your order, for confirmation and identification of the customer in any necessary case, for new or alternative products that are offered by, for special offers of, for offers and news of the Business company and the online store, for the receipt of gifts after a lottery.

Έχετε τη δυνατότητα να επιλέξετε αν θέλετε ή όχι να λαμβάνετε τέτοιου είδους επικοινωνίες από το στέλνοντας το αίτημα σας μέσω e-mail στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση [email protected]

Credit card details are not stored in any way in our company's storage media during the transaction but are registered directly in a secure environment of the bank that has undertaken the routing of payments.

With the sole exception of the transaction number, account number and / or IBAN as well as the details of the beneficiary (s) notified to us by the bank in order to identify the transaction.

Some anonymous technical data is also collected, such as the IP address, the user's browser type, the user's screen resolution or the operating system of the system used by the user, etc.

This information is collected for the purpose of the proper functioning of the site, to avoid Spam as well as to improve the appearance of ads and the functionality of our Site.

  1. Comments / Product Reviews

When a user / customer comments or evaluates a product or service, then some of his information is collected, such as Name, Surname or Nickname, Icon / Profile Photo (if the user chooses) and his comment or evaluation.

Some technical data is also collected, such as the IP address, the user's browser type, the user's screen resolution or the operating system of the system used by the user, etc.

This information is collected for the purpose of the proper functioning of the site, to avoid Spam as well as to improve the appearance of ads and the functionality of our Site.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text (text file) that are sent to your browser from a website you visit. Makes it easy for the site to memorize information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings.

This can make your next visit easier and make the site more useful for you.

Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the web would be a much more complicated experience.

We use cookies for many reasons. We use them, for example, to memorize your preferences, to offer you relevant ads with our products and services, to calculate the number of visitors to a page of ours, to make it easier for you to subscribe to our services and to protect your data.

  1. Newsletter

The Newsletter is a service that we use in order to inform you about the news and offers of our company. In the European Union, for the sending of advertisements by automated means, the so-called "opt-in" system applies, ie their sending is allowed only with the explicit consent of the recipient, with the sole exception of paragraph 3 of article 11 of law 3471/2006, which states that "Email contact details lawfully obtained in the context of the sale of a product or service or other transaction may be used to directly promote similar products or services of the supplier or to serve similar purposes, even when the recipient has not given his prior consent, provided that he is clearly and distinctly given the opportunity to unsubscribe, in an easy and free manner, to the collection and use of his electronic data, and this in every message in case the user did not initially disagree with this use ". These means of communication without human intervention include e-mails on the Internet, messages on mobile networks (SMS, MMS), faxes, etc.

An exception to this rule is the case in which the recipient's contact details were obtained by the sender in the context of a similar, previous transaction, mainly the sale of similar products or services. In addition, every message, even those sent with consent, must indicate the sender's identity and provide a valid way to stop unsubscribing.

At for our Newsletter operating system we also use the Opt-In system, ie the user-customer during the registration or during the electronic ordering process can if he wants to register for free in the automated messaging system, in other cases we do to use the Double Opt-In system, ie to subscribe to our Newsletter, it is not enough just to enter your e-mail address in the corresponding field of our websites and send it to us, you will have to make a second confirmation of your email via an automated message you will receive at the email address you provide to confirm that your email address belongs to you.

This way we can preserve that no one else will be able to "write" you in our newsletter unintentionally but also to confirm the correctness of the Email address you gave us.

It also collects some technical data, such as the IP address, the user's browser type, the user's screen resolution or the operating system of the system used by the user, which users opened the emails and if they visited a link, etc.

This information is collected for the purpose of the proper functioning of the site, to avoid Spam as well as to improve the appearance of ads and the functionality of our Site.

  1. Analytics, Marketing and Remarketing

Our company in order to provide you with the best possible quality of services as well as to understand your needs for new products and services as well as to see ads about our services and products we use some tools provided by companies such as Google, Facebook, Skroutz, etc.

For this reason we use Analytics, Marketing and Remarketing services.

Through these services, anonymous usage statistics (cookies) are communicated to Google, Facebook, Skroutz, etc., while the data received through this service are covered by the privacy policy of each company.

  1. Purposes of the Processing of Personal Data

We inform you that some of your personal data (address, telephone, e-mail), stored in our database, may be processed, in accordance with the above, for the following purposes:

7.a. For our communication, with you regarding your order.

7.b. For our communication, with you in relation to competitions, draws and / or other events.

7.c. To inform you and send you offers and information material about our products and services.

7.d. For statistical purposes and research.

7.e. In general, for the promotion and promotion of our products and services, if you wish.

  1. Personal Data Archive

Every user - customer of the online store has the opportunity to purchase products, whether he is a registered user or not (purchase without registration - visitor)

The account is created by the visitor either by automatically choosing a unique username, with the personal email and password (password) or, if he has an account in any of the social networking services: Facebook, Google & Twitter, to register with the details of any of the of the aforementioned accounts, ie email / password, without the obligation to declare any additional personal data.

The Company and its online store, through the functions provided by the respective special application (Facebook / Google / Twitter / oAuth) will be informed and will keep only the name and e-mail address, which has been declared, according to the registration of the user in the respective aforementioned social networking service.

For the use of the user's account information, when the registration is done through a connected application of a third party social network service provider, they are mentioned in more detail below.

Optionally the user can state his gender, place of residence and date of birth as well as post a photo of himself.

In order to complete an order - purchase of products, which presupposes that the visitors and / or registered users of will place orders electronically and / or by telephone, the disclosure of some additional necessary personal data is required (name, address: street, number, area , PC, VAT and VAT details, if the user wishes to issue an invoice, contact telephone, etc.).

The above personal data will be used by the Company to complete the transaction electronically, to confirm - identify the user in any necessary case and to send the order to the user.

This data is not assigned to third parties. However, they may be communicated to partners for the processing of your order (eg Transport Companies, Courier Companies) for the purposes of processing and sending your order, for advertising and / or statistical purposes (Facebook, Google, Instagram) and only for use which will concern our products or services.

We ensure that the information declared by users is not disclosed to third parties if they are not related to the provision and / or fulfillment of the requested service or product by the user and in no way are made public or exploited in any way.

This information shall be used only to the extent deemed absolutely necessary for:

8.a. Processing, Completion and / or Shipping of services or products (according to the terms of use and terms of,

8.b. Informative support of users (Emails of progress of their order, etc.)

8.c. Select the content offered to users to be relevant to their general preferences,

8.d. Satisfaction of the respective requirements, preferences of users regarding the services and products available from and through the website,

8.e. Serving the smooth operation of the site as well as conducting research to improve the services of the site.

  1. IP addresses

The IP address is determined by the connection provider (Internet Provider) through which the user's PC, mobile, Tablet and / or Smart devices have access to the Internet, and therefore to the website of

The IP address is held by for technical reasons and for security reasons of the Website systems (Server, Network Database, etc.) and is used exclusively for the collection of statistics.

The user's access IP address may be disclosed, upon request - in accordance with the procedure provided by law - by the competent police or judicial authorities or other state authorities.

10. Right of Access and Deletion of Personal Data

According to the law and the provisions of articles 11, 12 & 13 of Law 2472/1997 you have the right of access to personal data, which we collect and process in accordance with the above.

Also according to the provision of article 13 of Law 2472/1997 you have the right to request deletion of these data.

For this purpose you can contact the Personal Data Manager of our company at the following details:

Bitsopoulos Thomas (ISAVRON 13, ATHENS, PC 11471, Tel .: +302103603759 or e-mail: [email protected]).

The company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and Personal Data without obligation to inform visitors / users who visit its websites and / or make any use of services / information provided and always within the existing or possible Greek and European legal framework for these issues.

If a visitor - user does not agree with the terms of use, the terms and conditions of protection of personal data provided in this text must not use the services / information provided on the websites of the company.