With more than 35 flavors you will definitely find the one that suits you!
Special Loukoumia with Rose and Walnut...Special Loukoumia with Honey and Walnut...Special Loukoumia with Cannabis Seeds...Special Loukoumia with Coffee Beans...Traditional Loukoumia with Rose...Traditional Loukoumia with Mastic...Traditional Loukoumia with Bergamot...Aromatic Loukoumia with Lemon...Aromatic Loukoumia with Orange...Aromatic Loukoumia with Tangerine...Aromatic Loukoumia with Wild Cherry...Aromatic Loukoumia with Strawberry...Aromatic Loukoumia with Melon...Aromatic Loukoumia with Watermelon...Aromatic Loukoumia with Grape...Aromatic Loukoumia with Kiwi...Aromatic Loukoumia with Pineapple...Aromatic Loukoumia with Banana...Aromatic Loukoumia with Mango...Aromatic Loukoumia with Bubble Gum...Aromatic Loukoumia with Olive...Aromatic Loukoumia with Mint...Aromatic Loukoumia with Cinnamon...Aromatic Loukoumia with Ouzo...Aromatic Loukoumia with Toffee Caramel...Aromatic Loukoumia with Mojito...Aromatic Loukoumia with Pina Colada...Aromatic Loukoumia with Honey...Aromatic Loukoumia with Fig...Aromatic Loukoumia with Pomegranate...

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Loukoumia, the Greek treat.

Loukoumia have accompanied every moment of Greek life for almost two centuries. Visit any Greek monastery to see the special relationship between Loukoumia and the Orthodox faith. Without a Loukoumi to accompany it, a traditional Greek coffee is considered an orphan. Made with love and pure ingredients, Loukoumia flood our pallet with Greek flavors and tradition.

With almost 20 flavors, LOUKOUMIA THOMAS offer a different Greek tastexperience with every bite.


The young traditional confectioner.

Born in 1977 in Athens to a family with deep roots in confectionery. His new ideas find ground in the traditional family recipe. Faithful to the Greek raw materials and committed to the flavors of our homeland, he creates the "LOUKOUMIA THOMAS". Following the family tradition, the production is made in Athens by hand and the delicious result is impressive.

We live in the most delicious country in the world.

Thomas Bitsopoulos


Our Products

Αρωματικά Λουκούμια

Based on our traditional recipe, executed with the best ingredients. Aromatic from the first nibble. Fruit and herbal flavors flood the pallet with unique flavors leaving a delightful aftertaste.

Λουκούμια Special

Based on our traditional recipe and enriched with nuts of the highest quality.
A unique combination of traditional flavors and unsurpassed quality in a bite.
The nuts enhance the traditional aromas in an amazing taste bud experience.

Λουκούμια Supreme

Based on our traditional recipe and coated in chopped nuts, cacao, or cookie crumbs. A modern and tasty combination. They catch the eye and intrigue the palate with each bite. A loukoumi combining Greek tradition and contemporary world gastronomic tendencies.


Our jellies are made with the best Greek ingredients and contain 20% real fruit juice for maximum enjoyment and intense aroma.
Small but tasty, just like our loukoumia.


Παραδοσιακά Λουκούμια με γεύση τριαντάφυλλο... με γεύση φιστίκι... με γεύση μαστίχα... με γεύση αμύγδαλο... με γεύση καφέ...