Thomas Loukoumia

Thomas. The young traditional confectioner.

Thomas was born in 1977 into an Athenian family with deep confectionary roots. His new ideas, inspired by traditional family recipes and the exclusive use of Greek ingredients, lead to the formation of Loukoumia Thomas. Following the family tradition, Thomas makes his Loukoumia by hand in the heart of Athens. The savory results of his toils are unequaled.

We live in the tastiest country of the world. Thomas Bitsopoulos


Sugar Sweets


Lukumia, the Greek treat.

It is no coincidence that Lukumia have accompanied every moment of Greek life during the last 200 years. It's not just the connection between Lukumia and the Greek Orthodox faith. It's not that in Greece a cup of coffee seems orphaned when served without a Lukumi on the side. It's not just the purity of the ingredients and careful artisanal production. It is the genuine taste of Greece and its traditions that emanate from each bite of a Lukumi.

Lukumia Thomas, with more than 20 flavors, offer a uniquely Greek sensation with every bite you take.

Sugar Sweets

We choose the best Greek fruit and nuts at just the right moment. The baby bitter oranges conceal all the sweetness of the ripe fruit. The aromas of the pistachios before the shell has time to harden are irresistible. We plunge them in syrup and candy them! And then enjoy them as sweet fruity morsels!


Little hearts or cubes? Red? Yellow? Or Green?

Our jellies, shaped like hearts or cubes like our loukoumia, pioneer a refreshing sweet taste. Fruit and herbal flavors blend harmoniously with sugar to offer a daily sweet delight.

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